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Video transcript - 100,000 Lives

Bright music plays

Images: There is an illustration of a red book opening to reveal the shape of a heart. It’s on a navy background. The focus pulls out and there are dozens of small heart-shaped books. 

Voiceover: Our healthcare system helps thousands of people every day. 

Images: Graphic illustration of two clinicians in discussion. They’re both holding tablet devices. 

Voiceover: So we’re working to deliver better and safer care. Together, we’re looking for innovative ways to improve the care people receive across the state.

Images: The scene moves and there is an older man sitting on a couch at home reading the paper.

Voiceover: So fewer people returning unexpectedly to hospital after a heart attack. 

Images: The scene moves again and there are two women outside a hospital holding a newborn baby.

Voiceover: Less women needing intensive care after giving birth. 

Images: The scene moves again and there is a man sitting at a desk. He’s have a video call with a health professional. There is a shed and tractor outside the window.

Voiceover: More people having a say about their healthcare. 

Images: The scene moves across again and there is a family leaving hospital. The older man is wheeling a boy in a wheelchair. The older woman is holding a young girl.

Voiceover: We want to make sure Victorians get the right treatment, get home sooner and stay well. 

Images: Numbers appear on screen, increasing until they reach 100,000.

Voiceover: One hundred thousand of them. Because every life is a story worth telling. 

Words on screen: Authorised by Safer Care Victoria, 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. 100000lives.safercare.vic.gov.au.