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Chronic Conditions Collaborative

Our goal

To support people living with asthma, diabetes and COPD to stay well and stay home

Chronic conditions significantly impact the lives of Victorians. One in two adults live with one or more chronic conditions and in 2018, 89 per cent of deaths were associated with chronic conditions. 

Many Victorians describe having difficulty navigating the healthcare system and knowing where to turn to for support. This interferes with their ability to manage their health and participate in the activities that matter to them. 

The Chronic Conditions Breakthrough Collaborative, focusing on asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and diabetes, has 16 health organisations participating and actively testing changes in the management of these chronic conditions. We aim to improve experiences, outcomes, and the quality of life for these patients.  

In this project, we'll create an evidence-based change package to be tested throughout the collaborative. This package is designed to guide healthcare organisations to improve how people living with these conditions are supported in managing their care. 

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