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Think Twice: Reducing Antibiotic Prescribing in Children

Our goal

To more appropriately prescribe antibiotics for children

In Victoria, dispensing rates for children under 5 are higher than any other age group, equating to roughly 1 script per child per year. This is much higher than comparable countries and has not shifted in over a decade.

The harms associated with overuse of antibiotics include:  

  • Bacterial resistance to future antibiotic use  
  • Increased risk of short-term adverse effects 
  • Greater risk of developing other health related conditions (such as Asthma, Crohn’s disease, and weight gain).

Caregivers and clinicians will be encouraged to ‘Think Twice’ about the use of antibiotics and consider both the child’s short and long-term health. 

Think Twice will promote new thinking and cross-sector collaboration to better manage childhood illnesses in healthcare settings and at home, ensuring children receive the right treatment now, to prevent antibiotic resistance in the future.

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