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Optimising patient flow with timestamp

Published 05/04/2022

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Failing to achieve optimal patient flow across a hospital puts patients at risk for sub-optimal care and potential harm. It also increases the burden on clinicians and hospital staff, possibly accelerating burnout. 

To help address these complex issues, our Timely Care initiative will focus on improving patient flow in select Victorian health services. 

Over the past two years, we've been working with six health services to reduce unnecessary delays in care and improve patient flow. 

Unfortunately, the collaborative experienced significant delays and interruptions due to the impact of COVID-19, delays which have prevented the team from achieving its original aim.

Fortunately all is not lost.

In March, the team collaborated with the participating services to redevelop the collaborative, focusing on improving medical surgical efficiencies.

Together, our aim is to impact 300 lives by June 2022 through creating ward-level efficiencies to reduce unnecessary waits and delays, resulting in more timely discharge of patients and improved experience of care.

Our partnering health service teams will achieve this by:

  • enhancing person centred multidisciplinary rounds
  • identifying and eliminating reoccurring causes of delays
  • improving coordination of workflows by implementing and making use of a medical readiness timestamp to signal when patients have met all medical readiness criteria and discharge goals. 

We would like to thank the partners who worked on the collaborative over the past two years.

The team is excited to be progressing forward with the mini collaborative and is looking forward to sharing their achievements in late 2022.

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