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Your opinion matters: new guidance for the removal of gallbladder during bariatric surgery

Published 13/05/2022

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We have developed new guidance and consumer information on an additional elective procedure, removing gallbladder during bariatric surgery, and we would like to hear your feedback. This is in addition to our recent release of draft guidance for postoperative radiation therapy following prostatectomy.

The guidance informs clinicians on what is considered best care pathways. The consumer information empowers patients and supports clinicians to discuss available options and make informed healthcare decisions together.

Approximately 30-50 per cent of people who have bariatric surgery (surgery relating to treatment of obesity) will develop gallstone disease within six months after surgery. For most people gallstones will not cause complications. In Victoria it is not recommended to remove the gallbladder during bariatric surgery unless the patient has symptomatic gallstones.

If you are having bariatric surgery, you should discuss the risk of gallstone disease with your doctor.

Some non-urgent elective procedures only benefit patients in very specific circumstances. In February 2021 we released Best Care guidance on 26 surgeries to better inform patient choice. More procedures are being added to that list including these most recent two, for radiation therapy following prostate cancer and bariatric surgery.

How to provide feedback

Review the draft clinical guidance  and consumer information for bariatric surgery.

Please email your feedback to bestcare@safercare.vic.gov.au by 5 June 2022.

Review the draft clinical guidance and consumer information for post operative radiation therapy after radical prostatectomy before we publish on 30 June. 

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