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Helen Rizzoli Director SCV
Helen Rizzoli
Director Systems Safety Partner
Safer Care Victoria

Helen brings over 25 years of health industry experience. Originally trained as a Health Information Manager, Helen has a strong background in clinical decision support and performance measurement which makes her well placed to lead our Stewardship and Support branch in the oversight, monitoring and support of Victorian health service quality and safety performance.

Helen has worked extensively throughout Australia leading transformation projects in the public and private sector; translating international models to the Australian context and achieving service delivery redesign that sustains and enhances organisational culture. Helen’s goal is to bring new and innovative approaches to longstanding challenges in healthcare.

Helen leads our Systems Safety and Assurance Partner – a team of specialists in data analysis and research who identify and respond to emerging safety issues across the system. They also work with health sector leaders to embed continuous improvement in quality and safety.

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Page last updated: 17 Feb 2022