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The Quality and Safety Executive Council (QSEC) was formed in February 2022 to provide expert advice to Safer Care Victoria’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on matters relating to the purpose of the organisation. 

QSEC members are appointed for their respective fields of expertise. They include advocates, leaders, and Australian and international members renowned in their fields. These diverse members enable us to be at the forefront of developments in healthcare and other domains, and member advice supports our decision-making, driving our work and engagement with the healthcare system. 


The QSEC advisory functions include:  

  • independent contribution, challenge and guidance to the development and/or implementation of our strategy 
  • a broad range of perspectives on the quality and safety of Victoria’s healthcare system, including by convening an advisory group twice a year on topics of importance.  

The QSEC reports to Safer Care Victoria’s CEO, who in turn supports the agendas of the Department of Health and the Minister for Health.

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