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Achieving improvement in our complex health system is challenging, but you don’t have to go it alone. All improvement efforts benefit from improvement and partnering knowledge and experience, clinical expertise and the lived experience of consumers.

As Victoria’s healthcare quality improvement specialist, we can provide training, support and resources for quality improvement. We can also help you connect with improvement coaches and advisors from SCV and Victorian health services.

Build your skills

If you’d like to build your knowledge and skills in improvement and partnering or upskill your team, we offer training programs that can help. You can also speak to the SCV Capability team, by emailing

Find help at your health service

Before you start an improvement project, you may find an improvement specialist in your service or a service near you. There are Improvement Advisors, Improvement Coaches and Improvement & Innovation Advisors in many Victorian health services who can help you plan, design and deliver successful improvement efforts.

Check out our list of health service improvement advisors.   

Improvement Advisors, Improvement Coaches and Improvement & Innovation Advisors:

  • Champion improvement science and demonstrate how it can help to understand and address problems faced by health services
  • Coach individuals and teams, increasing staff capability to help sustain improvement initiatives
  • Provide advice, knowledge and understanding

Advisors have a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience in:

  • Improvement science
  • Project management, including consumer and stakeholder engagement
  • Change management
  • Data and analytics
  • Systems thinking/operational excellence
  • Sustainability.

Ask your manager or service quality team if they can put you in touch with an improvement specialist in your service.

Get support from SCV

If you would like help from us to find a local improvement specialist or connect with other services undertaking similar improvement work, please get in touch by emailing

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