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Audits of health services for the key Victorian data collections have been occurring since 1993. VAHI assumed the responsibility for this audit process from 1 January 2017. In 2017 VAHI committed to reinvigorating the health data integrity (HDI) function. A first step in this process is developing the new HDI Program plan 2018–19 to 2019–20  which provides direction for VAHI’s future HDI activities.

The new HDI Program is designed to answer questions about the integrity of reported data concerning health service activity, funding and performance, through a program of external reviews or investigations conducted by independent contractors. In particular, we have changed the focus from random selection of hospitals and records designed to achieve statewide estimates of overall accuracy, to a blended approach based on risk assessment supported by data analytics.

Developing the plan included consulting with health service CEOs and establishing a steering committee. The Health Data Integrity Steering Committee was established specifically to raise, discuss, and address relevant data integrity issues. The Committee will oversee the implementation and success of the new HDI Program.

The HDI Program plan 2018–19 to 2019–20 is accompanied by updated Data integrity guidelines for health services. The Department previously released versions of this document in 2013 and 2014. Data integrity guidelines for health services are intended to assist health services in meeting the requirements for accuracy, integrity and transparency in their activity and performance data. The guidelines include data integrity requirements of health services, data integrity initiatives of the Department and VAHI and the minimum evidentiary standards and tolerances that health services are expected to observe in their data collection, recording and reporting activities.

Page last updated: 04 Jul 2018

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