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Is this baby too small? The antenatal detection of fetal growth restriction.

Join the Maternity and Newborn Learning Health Network’s Clinical lead, Dr. Penny Sheehan, for a Clinical Conversation to learn about the antenatal detection and management of fetal growth restriction. 

In this Clinical Conversation, we look at recommendations and evidence around the detection of growth restriction, including the updated Safer Baby Bundle from the Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth.

A baby who does not reach its growth potential in the womb is at increased risk of poor birth outcomes including emergency caesarean section, admission to a neonatal unit and even stillbirth. Detecting growth abnormalities is an important part of antenatal care but is also one of the most contentious.

In this Clinical Conversation, Dr Sheehan looks at the paradigm proposed by the Safer Baby Collaborative and the tips and tricks for successfully translating this into clinical practice.  

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