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Mental Health Improvement Program

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We invite you to learn about how we are responding to the Royal Commission’s recommendation to support health services to adopt the Zero Suicide Framework. 

Beginning with the child and adolescent cohort, we are excited to partner with services in working towards zero by building just cultures, supportive workforce wellbeing programs, and improved processes.

About this event

This webinar will provide: 

  • an overview of the work we're undertaking 
  • insight into the adoption of the Zero Suicide Framework at LaTrobe Health and Gold Coast Mental Health Specialist Services.

The aim of the webinar is to: 

  • raise awareness of our work within this area
  • introduce the Zero Suicide Framework 
  • seek feedback on the sector’s willingness and capacity to conduct the work.

Speakers and facilitators

  • Co-hosted by Mental Health Improvement Program manager, Amber O’Brien and Project Lead and Lived Experience member, Mary Tsiros 
  • Safer Care Victoria CEO, Professor Mike Roberts
  • Mental Health Improvement Program Director, Camilla Radia-George will co-present with Lived Experience Advisor, Julie Anderson
  • Chief Mental Health Nurse and Project Senior Sponsor, Anna Love 
  • Project Improvement Advisor, Thomas Butera-Kelly 
  • Senior Project Officer, Tan Nyugen
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant and leader of Suicide Prevention with Gold Coast Mental Health Specialist Services, endorsed mental health Nurse Practitioner, and suicide prevention clinical lead with LaTrobe Regional Health, Owen Connolly

Why should I attend?

This event is for anyone in the healthcare sector who is interested in learning about our work relating to suicide prevention, particularly those working in health services who are interested in partaking in the pilot project focused on child/adolescent.

For further information, please contact: Mary Tsiros at