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Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Centre, SCV 

Date & Time

This webinar is part of their Community of Practice webinar series, where individuals and teams across the broader health sector can connect with and support each other through collaboratively sharing knowledge, resources, challenges and success stories to improve healthcare worker wellbeing.    

This is a great opportunity to join with like-minded healthcare workers, including those who work in clinical and non-clinical roles in health services, community health and aged and primary care settings, to share ways to embed worker wellbeing as a priority across the broader health system.  

You'll hear from:  

  • Sandy Chamberlin – Chief Executive Officer, Great Ocean Road Health – Self-care for health care – a sustainable model 
  • Meredith Wiseman – LCA Certified professional coach, WiseWell –   Wellness Coaching for Healthcare Workers: An illustration of wellness coaching in practice. 
  • Cris Popp – Solutions Director, Workplace Wellbeing – Self-care for healthcare: 3 reasons wellbeing programs fail (and what to do about them). 

We look forward to seeing you there!