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Simon Castles
Simon Castles
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Manager and Lead Improvement Advisor, Improvement Program
8559 7431

I am a Physiotherapist by training, who moved into the Peter Mac Improvement Program after studying health systems as part of a Masters of Public Health.  I have also spent time as part of the Innovation and Improvement team at Better Care Victoria (DHHS).  

At Peter Mac, the Improvement Program works closely with the executive and operations directors to support the delivery of a wide range of business improvement projects.  We also deliver a one-day process improvement training day and coach other improvement activities across the organisation.

Recent highlights

  • Specialist Clinics data integrity project including referral management process redesign, clinic template restructure, iPM systems optimisation and EMR integration preparation.
  • Administrative services review including creation of the Patient Navigator role to better coordinate patient care from referral to discharge.
  • Managed operational readiness projects for Peter Mac’s hospital move from East Melbourne to Parkville in 2016.

Why I do what I do

"The health system is full of incredibly intelligent, compassionate and hardworking individuals, but our processes often let us down.  As an Improvement Advisor I have the opportunity to support a wide range of improvement activities that positively impact patient experience and outcomes.  At the same time, by making our health services more efficient, we will be better placed to manage the growing demands placed on the system."

Page last updated: 14 Jul 2022