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Targeting Zero recognised the importance of ensuring complex procedures are done in centres where best care can be provided.

The Best place project will, in consultation with expert advisory groups, develop clinical guidance, advice and direction to support this recommendation and drive high quality and safe patient outcomes in four key clinical areas:

  1. cardiac surgery
  2. bariatric and upper gastrointestinal procedures
  3. oncology
  4. transplant surgery.


To develop commissioning and capability recommendations for 37 surgical procedures, which define the best place for delivery to enable high-quality and safe care.

Decisions will be guided by the following principles:    
1.    Equitable access to care for all Victorians that is as close to the person’s home as possible.   
2.    Availability of clinical expertise, equipment and facilities to enable the best outcomes for each patient.   
3.    Alignment of services with national and international best practice evidence.   
4.    Support the delivery of high quality and safe care within the boundaries of the available commissioning envelop.  


We are currently progressing with cardiac and bariatric expert working groups. Recruiting to the oncology and transplant expert working groups in February 2022.

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Page last updated: 10 Nov 2021

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