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On 28 June 2018, VAHI distributed a special mental health issue of the Inspire report to Victoria’s 18 designated mental health services. This report was developed specifically for use by clinicians within the clinical mental health sector, as part of our commitment to periodically publish special issues of Inspire for particular clinical audiences.

Targeting zero notes that Victorians accessing clinical mental health services – including those experiencing serious mental illness – represent a highly vulnerable group of people at particular risk of a range of safety incidents that are strongly or uniquely associated with mental health settings. These include self-harm and suicide, assault and trauma or physical harm arising from restrictive interventions.

This special issue has been developed to support clinicians by making it easier to identify variations in practice across these and other high-risk areas, and focus attention on opportunities for improvement. VAHI engaged the Chief Psychiatrist to provide clinician-focused information and advice, which is presented alongside each measure in the report.

This mental health issue reports on:

  • mental health consumer experience data
  • access to mental health beds from emergency departments
  • use of restrictive interventions
  • use of compulsory treatment in the community, and compulsory admissions to hospital
  • use of electroconvulsive therapy
  • adverse events of falls, drugs and self-harming behaviour occurring during admitted mental health episodes
  • post-discharge care and readmissions
  • inpatient suicides.

For some measures, the report includes results for all ages and looks at results from a child and youth, adult and aged care lens.

VAHI was assisted in the development of the report by an advisory group made up of clinicians from a number of designated mental health services, Victoria’s Chief Psychiatrist, the Department of Health and Human Services and Safer Care Victoria’s (SCV) newly formed Mental Health Clinical Network. This group provided advice and recommendations informing the scope and presentation of information within the report.

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Page last updated: 04 Jul 2018

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