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Posted on 07 Apr 2021

As part of VAHI’s ongoing contribution to the COVID-19 pandemic recovery phase, we are pleased to share an important milestone for a new interactive report focused on delivering the best care for Victorians.  

Recent elective surgery reform prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic identified certain elective surgery procedures that can now only be performed in Victorian public health services under certain circumstances. 

In line with this Victorian Government policy, VAHI has developed a new Best care interactive report to identify patient episodes at risk of low value care and enable comparison between peer groups. This will help health services identify and assess variation and implement targeted improvement initiatives. 

Late last month, we launched a pilot program for this new report, hosting a kick-off session with more than 25 pilot participants from Victorian health services, government and academic partners. 

The Best care interactive report pilot brings together representatives from across public health services in Victoria, Safer Care Victoria and the Department of Health. It offers an opportunity to work collaboratively, co-designing improvements of the interactive report and supporting a learning health care system approach. 

The principal function of the pilot group is to provide feedback that can inform improvements to the report before it is released to a wider group of health service representatives. Pilot participants will provide expert advice about the content and presentation of the interactive report to ensure it meets the needs of health services and clinicians, and assist in the interpretation of results and associated insights. 

The pilot program consists of three group meetings, including a 90-minute co-design workshop, and participants will have further opportunities to provide feedback in individual user experience testing sessions. 

Pilot participants’ input is critical to delivering an innovative interactive report that is useful to health services and clinicians, and supports improvements in the quality of care delivered to Victorians. It will assist VAHI to co-design an interactive report for clinicians and health services to help reduce the prevalence of procedures at risk of low value care and maximise ‘Best care’ outcomes for elective surgery patients. 

We look forward to working closely with our pilot participants to continue developing a useful and meaningful report for the Victorian health sector. We will provide updates on the pilot program through future editions of VAHI news, so please watch this space.

For more information about Best care guidance on elective surgery procedures identified to have little or no benefit to patients based on current clinical evidence, click here

For more information about the Best care interactive report pilot, please contact Andrew Baker, Manager of Public Reporting, via

Page last updated: 07 Apr 2021