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Posted on 05 May 2021
Patient experience and outcomes

Men who have been treated for prostate cancer in Victoria can now compare their experiences with thousands of Victorian men who have survived the disease via a new resource.

The BroSupPORT portal supports men living with prostate cancer by helping them to understand how the side effects they might be experiencing compare with men of similar age and risk profile who have received the same treatment. The portal includes information on issues that have a big impact on a man’s quality of life, like urinary incontinence, sexual and bowel function.

The program is sponsored by the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) and has been developed in collaboration with Monash University as the managers of the Prostate Cancer Outcome Registry-Victoria (PCOR-Vic); Movember as funders of PCOR-Vic; and Alfred Health as the nominated lead Victorian public health service . 

BroSupPORT uses Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) data from approximately 11,000 men, collected 12 months after their treatment. It allows men to access the portal after they complete a routine follow-up PROs survey, to see how their results compare with other men like them.

While data from the registry has been regularly fed back to hospitals and the doctors looking after men with prostate cancer to encourage and enable quality improvement, this is the first time that PROs data is being fed back directly to the men who contribute to it.

BroSupPORT will be evaluated after a three-month pilot period. The results from the evaluation will be used to inform improvements to BroSupPORT by Monash University and Movember.

BroSupPORT also links men to True North, a website developed by Movember to provide men with the information, tools and resources to support them on their prostate cancer journey.

For more information on BroSupPORT, contact the Manager of VAHI’s Patient Reported Outcomes program, Louise Kelly via


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