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Posted on 04 Jun 2019

On 23 May, over 40 key stakeholders and partners from health services, clinicians and consumers took time out of their busy schedules to share their thoughts on the development of VAHI’s strategic plan.

The new strategy will set out VAHI’s road map for the next three years.

The event kicked off with VAHI CEO, Dr Lance Emerson, taking participants through VAHI’s journey to date, our key outputs and how we seek to contribute to improvements in health service quality and safety.

‘We’re at a turning point, and we’re about to embark on a change journey,’ said Lance.

Considering the stakeholder feedback received through the session, VAHI acknowledges our immediate strategic priority must be a focus on core customer and stakeholder needs, including ensuring our existing products are trusted, timely, accurate and relevant.

Speaking on what VAHI’s priorities would be in the medium term, Lance acknowledged two fundamental directions that need to be balanced.

‘The first is to deepen our impact within current activities and priorities – delivering high quality information across the acute sector.

‘The second is to have a greater breadth across health information provision. This includes population health reporting and the application of the Australian Health Performance Framework to Victoria,’ he said. 

Representatives from health services, clinicians and consumers enthusiastically participated in break-out sessions to get into the detail of VAHI’s plans.

Key themes to emerge from the day were:

  • making sure that clinicians and public can get the information they need to make decisions, and feel assured of the quality and safety, interpretation and presentation of data and information.
  • the value of patient experience information to enhance quality and safety
  • using a variety of approaches to engagement, including partnership and co design.

We were encouraged and inspired by the active participation of those in attendance. Where possible, VAHI will incorporate ideas arising from the session in the three-year strategy.

We would like to thank participants for their contributions and welcome further input as we progress the strategy over the coming weeks. For anyone who would like to provide input on the strategy, please contact Senior Manager, Performance and Strategy, Mat Burke on

We will have further updates on the strategy soon.

Page last updated: 04 Jun 2019