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Posted on 10 Dec 2018

Ninety-one per cent of Victorian health boards have participated in Safer Care Victoria's quality and safety clinical governance training sessions, with almost 300 board directors in attendance.

The pilot sessions were held in 20 locations across the state in August and September 2018. 

The training was very well received by board directors, with an overall net promoter score of 68. Feedback included:

‘It raised the increased importance of clinical governance so much! I am already planning to double occurrences for the quality committee to meet. Currently the finance committee meets monthly and the quality committee only bi-monthly, this will change!’

‘I will recommend it to all our board directors, we should have quality and safety as a key agenda item at meetings’

‘Great simple questions provided to help read and understand data’

‘Quality and safety of patient care is a priority for the board.'

The training gave participants:

  • a greater understanding of their role and accountability for clinical governance
  • willingness to participate in clinical governance discussions
  • confidence in healthcare quality and safety data analysis.

Four further training sessions were held in December 2018, following the success of the sessions held throughout August and September. These sessions brought together health service quality and safety committees, board directors, health service executive teams and consumer representatives to:

  • explore how to use the SCV Clinical governance framework to support the Board Quality Committee objectives
  • discuss key components of quality and safety reporting to lead and monitor care and improvement.

Clinical governance training for heath service board directors will continue in 2019, with an ambitious aim of 100 per cent of Victorian health boards represented.

Page last updated: 11 Dec 2018