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Posted on 07 Jul 2021
Data, coding and classification

On 1 July 2021, Victoria implemented the national funding model as a basis to determine hospital funding for Victorian public health services going forward. We detailed our activities to support the transition in our May VAHI news, and now as we hit the major milestone of 1 July, it’s time for an update.

Over the past few months, we’ve partnered with our colleagues across the Department of Health to assist health services in this transition. Three workshops were held between March and May this year, focused on ensuring that the various roles within health services have the knowledge and tools to undertake the changes.

Each of the three workshops attracted around 200 health service staff, indicating the interest from across the sector. The ‘chat’ was free flowing and insightful, and the engagement in this process was evident.

Workshop 1 - National Funding Model operations, finance and administration

Workshop 2 - system impact, Information Technology and data management

Workshop 3 - provided a detailed look at the approach taken to setting the Victorian Efficient Price, treatment of grants and recall. 

While it’s been a long journey, VAHI’s Health Services Data (HSD) team has embraced working closely with our departmental colleagues and health services to prepare for these important changes. Feedback from the workshops was very positive, even though some people said the information was too detailed!!! Given the subject matter, we took heart from that feedback.

NWAU activity reports on their way to health services

To further assist the transition, the HSD team are developing monthly National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU) activity reports for health services to support monitoring. The NWAU calculation contained within the reports is obtained by using the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority specifications.

The first of these NWAU activity reports will be provided following submission of activity data generated from 1 July. The following reports are scheduled for release:

·       NWAU activity reports for emergency, admitted acute and sub-acute activity will be available 1-2 business days after the Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED) submission deadline. The first NWAU activity reports will available via MFT in Excel format by 12 August 2021

·       Urgent Care Centre activity reports will be available via the PRS/2 MFT in Excel format by 12 August 2021

·       VINAH non-admitted NWAU activity reports will be available via HealthCollect on a self-serve basis as an Excel export file

·       Extracts of acute admitted and subacute admitted activity data and VINAH non-admitted activity are expected to be available from September 2021.

For more information about the implementation of the national funding model, please see:

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