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Posted on 04 Dec 2018

Since adopting the new Victorian Health Information Management System (VHIMS) Central reporting system in August, Dingee Bush Nursing Centre (BNC) has already turned their incident data into positive changes for the centre.

Dingee BNC, led by Centre Manager Claire McGregor, was one of the first sites to adopt VHIMS Central as part of the initial system pilot at four sites.

VHIMS Central allows staff to record occupational health and safety (OHS) and clinical incidents, as well as other hazards. The introduction of the new system has reduced the average time to report an incident by 75%. It is user friendly, quick and intuitive, meaning all staff members can feel confident in using the system.

Dingee BNC

Dingee BNC services a community of around 1,200 people within a 20–30km radius. They partner with other health services in the region and provide emergency and first responder support to their region alongside the Victorian Ambulance Service.

Due to the time and complexity of reporting with the old system, the centre, like many others, had rarely captured OHS and hazard data formally. Typically, they had only been reporting serious clinical incidents. However, the nature of the work that the centre performs in their community means staff can often find themselves in situations in which they feel unsafe or uncomfortable. While policies and practices were in place, the centre felt there was more that could be done to support their staff to feel safe at work.

Under the encouragement of their Centre Manager to use the new VHIMS Central reporting system, Dingee BNC staff started recording these incidents in the OHS category. As a direct result of staff behaviour changes in OHS reporting, facilitated by an easy to use system, the centre is now awaiting the arrival of two, two-way personal safety communication devices to support their staff to feel safe in the work that they do. In the short time since implementation of VHIMS Central, the evidence created via the incident reports enabled the centre to access funding to purchase the devices.

Centre Manager Claire McGregor says, ‘The new VHIMS Central has made reporting all incidents, near miss events and feedback simpler and quicker. It is intuitive and allows all staff to feel comfortable in reporting events. I am thrilled we were able to be involved and look forward to our continued usage.’

We commend the work of Claire and the team for turning their data into action. As the implementation of the system continues, other sites will also be able to use incident reporting data to make positive changes.

Rollout of VHIMS Central has progressed with six Gippsland Bush Nursing Centres receiving training in November. The system rollout will continue in 2019.

For queries about the VHIMS Central system and incident reporting, please contact Eldene Ross, Acting Manager, Safety and Surveillance:

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