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Posted on 11 Dec 2019

In November, we released a completely redeveloped issue of the Board safety and quality report that will better support board members to ensure quality and safety in their health services.  

This report is designed to support boards by reporting on relevant measures of quality and safety in alignment with the Victorian clinical governance framework. It can be used as a tool to prompt thinking and discussion by focusing on the key goals of clinical governance: safe, effective and person-centred care.

The changes to the report are a direct response to feedback from stakeholder consultations. We have worked with a cross-section of board members (as our target audience), Safer Care Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services on the redevelopment. Our Expert Advisory Group has informed what the report should include and given their input on ways to present the information so that it leads to meaningful conversations.

We also commissioned the CSIRO to undertake an environmental scan on frameworks, guidelines and indicators used in Australia and internationally for reporting health service quality and safety. The environmental scan highlighted the challenges in selecting appropriate measures to report and suggested that boards apply a variety of approaches to understand the quality and safety of their health service.

VAHI has selected the measures included in the report based on stakeholder consultation and the availability of data. Some measures were selected as an interim arrangement until we develop more meaningful, systemwide measures.

Other new features of the report include additional information and questions for board members to ask to increase their understanding of the data and its relevance to clinical governance.

We have also added a ‘Comparisons at a glance’ page at the start of each health service’s individualised report, to quickly show their results for all measures.

VAHI would like to thank everyone who gave us feedback to inform throughout the project, particularly the members of our Expert Advisory Group.

The release of the redeveloped report is only the beginning. We will continue to reach out and engage with our target audiences to ensure we are providing trusted, meaningful and actionable information.

If you have any queries about the Board safety and quality report, please contact Mary Manescu, Director, Health System Reporting, via

Page last updated: 12 Dec 2019