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Posted on 16 Dec 2019
Maternity and newborn

More babies are getting a better start to life, according to the latest data from Safer Care Victoria (SCV).

The annual Perinatal services performance indicators report compares outcomes for women and newborns at Victorian hospitals.

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The 2018–19 report shows more babies who are significantly smaller than expected are being identified and delivered earlier (before 40 weeks) to keep them healthy.

And more parents are getting important care and information early in the pregnancy (before 12 weeks) and being vaccinated against illnesses that could harm their babies.

However, the report also shows there is room for improvement, specifically in:

  • the growing number of women with a normal pregnancy being induced, especially in private hospitals
  • the number of women experiencing severe perineal tearing during unassisted births.

SCV is working directly with some services to understand their results and help lift performance and provide even safer care for parents and newborns.

We will also use the data to further inform improvement and prevention programs, such as the Better births for women collaborative to prevent severe perineal tearing and the Safer baby collaborative to reduce preventable stillbirth.

Page last updated: 17 Dec 2019