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The Safewards Model and the Six Core Strategies not only work towards eliminating restrictive practice but also changing a culture of restrictive practice, through increasing safety, communication and collaboration.

The Six Core Strategies and the Safewards Model will be presented to compare similarities and differences, to highlight how they work together and will focus on what these strategies can do to increase positive changes to culture.

Towards elimination of restrictive interventions: Webinar series

This series giving you the information, skills and practical support to help reduce and eliminate strategies at your service.

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Introduction to the six core strategies (May 2021)

Leadership towards change (June 2021)

Using data to inform practice (July 2021)

Full inclusion of lived experience (August 2021)

Workforce development (September 2021)

Engagement, prevention and reduction tools (October 2021)

Debriefing (November 2021)