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Posted on 05 Dec 2022
Patient experience and outcomes
Quality/safety improvement

We’re excited to introduce several Learning Health Networks (LHNs) to bring clinicians, people with lived experience, academics, data experts, and improvement specialists together to improve clinical care and patient outcomes.  

LHNs provide an opportunity to share findings from safety and sentinel event reviews, make recommendations to prevent the same mistakes being repeated, and monitor their effectiveness.  

The LHNs are being overseen by our Centre of Clinical Excellence in the following categories: 

  • Acute care, to drive improvement and increased safety across Victoria’s acute care hospital settings: 
    • the Perioperative LHN aims to create sustainable improvements for planned and emergency surgery in Victoria 
    • the Maternity and Newborn LHN aims to inform and shape future maternal and child health service delivery in Victoria 
  • Continuing care: 
    • the Continuing Care LHN will work with people with lived experience of complex and long-term health needs, clinicians, researchers, and health services to make their healthcare as safe as possible 
    • the Cardiovascular LHN aims to drive improvement in the safety and quality of cardiovascular care in Victoria 

Director of the Centre of Clinical Excellence, Felicity Loxton said, “Adopting the LHN model helps us focus on our key priorities while maintaining broad engagement with all our stakeholders.”  

An additional LHN, coordinated by the Mental Health Improvement Program, aims to create sustainable improvements to Victoria’s mental health system in response to the Royal Commission’s recommendations.  

Mental Health Improvement Program Director, Camilia Radia-George said, “This will help us align our work to key responsibilities, ensuring we are focused on our approach with the best outcomes delivered.”  

Find out more about the Learning Health Networks and how you can be involved.