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Posted on 16 Jun 2021
Incident response/review

The sentinel event portal is now live. Drop-in information sessions about our new portal are now open. Register now

The way you submit sentinel event reports is changing, making it easier for health services to let us know about adverse patient safety events.

The new sentinel events portal will allow you to:

  • manage and securely store review documentation
  • designate access to nominated users in your health service
  • confidentially share draft documents internally first, providing an electronic approval trail before submitting to SCV
  • set alerts for upcoming due dates.

What is changing?

  • All sentinel events will be submitted online.
  • There will be some new fields to fill in. We have taken this opportunity to request more details from you in Parts A, B, C and the Recommendation Monitoring Report so we can better monitor trends, identify emerging risks and share information with you.

Reporting sentinel events to 30 June 2021

All events reported in the 2020–21 financial year will follow the former process.

Reporting sentinel events after 30 June 2021

We will transfer your forms to the portal once live, and you can continue the process from there.

Training and support in the new portal

We have scheduled monthly drop-in sessions to help you understand and use the new system.

Any questions?

Contact the sentinel event program on 1300 543 916 or email