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Posted on 20 Sep 2022
Quality/safety improvement
Safety cultures

In accordance with the Health Legislation Amendment (Quality and Safety Act) 2022, Victoria’s first Chief Quality and Safety Officer (CQSO) has been appointed. Safer Care Victoria’s Chief Executive Officer, Prof Mike Roberts has been appointed to the role by the Secretary for the Department of Health.  

Under this legislation, the functions of the CQSO are to:

  • to conduct quality and safety (Q&S) reviews of services provided in or by health service entities
  • to provide information to the Secretary concerning Q&S reviews of services provided in or by health service entities 
  • to work co-operatively with other bodies or persons that have roles or functions relating to the oversight or regulation of quality and safety in health service entities 
  • to issue guidelines to health service entities concerning the provision of services.

The legislative reforms made by these legislative amendments formalise the current arrangements and duties of Safer Care Victoria, providing greater oversight and powers to improve quality and safety within the health sector.