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Posted on 20 Sep 2022
Consumer engagement
Incident response/review
Patient experience and outcomes
Quality/safety improvement

Open disclosure is a patient right and is a process that involves open and honest communication when harm has occurred. From 30 November 2022, Statutory Duty of Candour will be a legal obligation for health services entities to apologise, discuss the facts, and describe the steps being taken to prevent re-occurrence when a patient has suffered a serious adverse patient safety event (SAPSE). 

The important reforms arising from the Health Legislation Amendment (Quality and Safety) Act 2022 includes:

  • appointment of a Chief Quality and Safety Officer (Professor Mike Roberts)
  • provision of quality and safety reviews
  • creation of a Statutory Duty of Candour (SDC) including protections for apologies
  • introduction of protections for serious adverse patient safety event (SAPSE) reviews
  • amendment of the functions of the Victorian Perioperative Consultative Council (VPCC).

We have partnered with Liberate Learning to develop 3 eLearning modules to assist clinicians in understanding what their role might be in some of these important reforms.

  • Statutory Duty of Candour
  • SAPSE reviews including protections
  • Introduction to open disclosure

There will be a bonus fourth video module on Statutory Duty of Candour perspectives from the view of clinicians, consumers and a lawyer coming soon.