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Posted on 03 May 2022
Innovation and improvement

In February 2021, SCV published Best Care guidance on 26 elective surgery procedures. This guidance  and consumer information provides evidence-based information for Victorian healthcare professionals and consumers in relation to elective procedures that can only be performed under certain circumstances or at certain time intervals.

We have expanded the existing series of Best Care guidance to include new guidance on additional elective procedures.

We are seeking clinicians and consumers to provide feedback on the guidance and consumer information for Postoperative radiation therapy after radical prostatectomy before we publish on 30 June.

This guidance highlights routine administration of adjuvant radiation for men with high-risk pathological features post radical prostatectomy, which is no longer standard practice.   Early salvage radiation therapy is recommended for patients following radical prostatectomy when there is a rising PSA.  

Who are we seeking

  • Clinicians from specialist surgical, nursing, allied health and primary care backgrounds.
  • Consumers with lived experience (as a patient or carer) receiving this elective procedure in a Victorian public hospital. 

How to provide feedback

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