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Posted on 16 Oct 2019
Emergency care

Wednesday 16 October is ‘Restart a Heart’ Day, a global campaign to raise awareness on the importance of learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and having access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in our community. 

Approximately 30,000 Australians suffer a cardiac arrest every year.  Of these only 1 in 10 will survive.  

You can help to save a life with 3 simple steps: 

  1. Call ‘000’
  2. Push hard and fast on the centre of the chest 
  3. Shock using an AED

Providing first aid in emergencies

Whether it’s holding someone’s hand or providing CPR, you can give someone much-needed comfort or even save a life in an emergency.

Our fact sheet aims to help you feel safe and confident in approaching someone who needs help. It should also reassure you that if you act honestly, you are legally protected – regardless of the outcome.

GoodSAM app 

Don’t forget to download Ambulance Victoria’s GoodSAM app to your phone – by connecting first aiders to people in need around them, it can help you to save a life and could get you life-saving help more quickly.

Working together, we can save lives.