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Posted on 19 Nov 2021
Clinical/acute care

From 1 December 2021, all implantable medical devices* will have accompanying information materials for you to pass on to your patients.

Suppliers of implantable medical devices will provide patient information cards and leaflets with their devices.

These contain easy to read and understand information for patients about their implants, including:

  • name, model and details of the device
  • the intended purpose of the device
  • information explaining how to use the device safely
  • how to report any serious incident that occurs in relation to the device to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Suppliers of medical devices may provide the patient materials in various formats. 

Read more from the TGA

Advice for health professionals

Please advise staff they are required to access these patient materials, and to pass them on to any patient with an implantable medical device.

If you do not receive patient information materials with an implantable medical device after 1 December 2021, contact the supplier of the device.

For more information, email

* Implantable medical devices do not include a suture, staple, dental filling, dental brace, tooth crown, screw, wedge, plate, wire, pin, clip connector or similar article.