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Posted on 01 Sep 2021
Incident response/review

A new Sentinel Events Portal will make it much easier for Victorian public health services to submit sentinel events, as well managing documentation and monitoring all in one online hub.

Created in collaboration between the Victorian Agency for Health Information, Safer Care Victoria (SCV), the Business Technology Information Management (BTIM) branch of the Department of Health, as well as Victorian public health services, the new sentinel events portal will allow health services to:

  • notify SCV of a sentinel event
  • manage and securely store review documentation for sentinel events
  • designate access to nominated users in their health service
  • confidentially share draft documents internally first, providing an electronic approval trail before submitting to SCV
  • set alerts for upcoming due dates.

The new portal will make reporting so much easier:

  • Internal approvals. Health services can now upload draft documents to the secure portal and share internally to seek approvals. This is confidential within the health service until the report is submitted to SCV.
  • Timeliness. Health services can set alerts for notification when a due date is coming up, helping meet the mandated timelines.
  • Tips and tricks. Examples are included and a range of online resources to support health services review and assist in developing targeted and actionable recommendations.
  • Victorian public health services are still required to record their sentinel events in their local VHIMS incident management and reporting systems.

What is changing?

  • All sentinel event information will be submitted online.
  • There will be some new pieces of information required by SCV, to allow for better monitoring of trends, better identification of emerging risks and sharing of information with impacted health services.

The new sentinel events portal is now live, and from now on, all sentinel event reports and documents should be submitted through the new portal.

If you want to hear more about the sentinel event portal register for a drop-in session by contacting Sentinel Events (DHHS).

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