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Posted on 22 Jul 2022

Our organisation has grown in size and function since we were established in 2017, and we have recently revised our organisational structure to better reflect our purpose, clarify our priorities, and refresh our focus on quality and safety. 

Our new structure comes into effect on 8 August. We have grouped our work into four key areas: safety, improvement, operations and engagement, and clinical and professional leadership. We have also added a number of executive director positions in our structure.  

Our stakeholders are central to everything we do. This new structure will refine and improve how we work with you and help us achieve a stronger health system. 

We will soon update our website to reflect these changes. Visit Our agency and structure. Below is a snapshot of our new high level structure. 

We will continue to share updates about our new ways of working and if you have any questions you would like us to address please email us at

Image shows SCV structure led by CEO below which sits a safety branch, an improvement branch, an operations and engagement branch, and a clinical and professional leadership unit.

Page last updated: 26 Jul 2022