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Posted on 20 Feb 2020
Corporate information

As part of broader sector reforms, we are focusing our efforts to where we can help make the greatest impact on the quality and safety of healthcare in Victoria.

Our core roles in quality improvement and patient safety will not change.

But we have reviewed our structure and work programs so we can better respond to the changing needs of government, healthcare services and the Victorian community.

We will gradually roll out these changes from Monday 24 February.

What will change?

We are:

  • improving how we partner with clinicians to tackle broader, more complex healthcare issues across clinical specialties. Our 11 specialty clinical networks are maturing into four population-based centres of excellence
  • improving opportunities for consumers to meaningfully engage with the full breadth of SCV’s work. Over the next 6-8 months, we will be consolidating the number of specialist advisory committees and councils to better inform our work across the agency
  • strengthening our focus on improvement, by creating a specialist unit skilled in proven methods to drive, track and sustain better outcomes for patients.


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Why we are changing

On 19 September 2019 the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kym Peake outlined a plan for organisational transformation.

The plan reflects our Ministers’ ambitious reform agenda for this term of government.