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Posted on 11 Oct 2018
Maternity and newborn

A campaign banner for Movements Matter

Is your unborn baby a kicker, flutterer, swisher or roller? Only you know!

The new Movements Matter campaign launched this month encourages expectant mothers to get to know their baby’s movements, and to immediately speak up if they notice any change.

Reduced movements can be a sign a baby is unwell, especially in the last four weeks of the pregnancy.

Around 500 babies are stillborn every year in Victoria, and with low community awareness of risk factors, the stillbirth rate has not changed for 20 years.

Movements Matter seeks to dispel common myths around pregnancy:

  • It is not true that babies move less towards the end of pregnancy.
  • Having something to eat or drink does not stimulate your baby to move.
  • Do not wait and see how things are tomorrow if your baby’s movements change. Please call your midwife or doctor, you are not wasting their time.

Taking early action can save lives – this goes for both expectant mothers who feel something has changed, and for the care providers they contact.

View resources for Victorian clinicians

The Movements Matter campaign is a collaboration between Safer Care Victoria, the Stillbirth Centre for Research Excellence and other national bodies. It follows combined efforts to raise awareness with maternity services and staff about improved national clinical guidelines. 

Please support #movementsmatter and help us spread this important message: