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We are Victoria’s healthcare quality and safety specialist

We work with clinicians and consumers to help health services deliver better, safer healthcare. 

How do we do this?

Why we are here

Back in 2016 it was recognised that Victoria needed a new approach to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.

That’s why we were established in 2017. And why we take a determinedly fresh and independent-minded approach to helping health services improve.

Our vision

Outstanding healthcare for all Victorians. Always.

Find out how we will achieve this in our Strategic Plan 2020-2023. 

Our values

Challenge the norm 

  • We do things differently, and we are proud of it
  • We are curious and innovative, and have the courage to challenge what is normal
  • We are honest, open and speak up when things aren’t right

Accept nothing less than excellence

  • We are outcome focused – we go above and beyond to ensure consumers receive high-quality care
  • We move with the sector and help healthcare providers to improve
  • We won’t make excuses for second rate outcomes

Tell it like it is

  • We go out of our way to share information with others
  • We communicate with plain language
  • We are transparent about what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve
  • We recognise what doesn’t work and take action to improve

One team

  • We know the best outcomes arise when we work together
  • We recognise the value that each individual can bring to the team, and respect each other’s opinions

Bring your whole self

  • We bring integrity to our work, and the interactions we have with others
  • We believe in what we do, and are passionate about making a difference

Planning ahead

We release an annual plan which details what we will do to help us achieve our goals.

Read our corporate plans.

Tracking our performance

We report openly and honestly on our progress and the outcomes of our activities. 

Read our annual reports.

Our structure

org structure

Meet our leaders

Page last updated: 21 Nov 2022