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The Patient Experience and Outcomes Measurement and Reporting Committee was formed in December 2017 to assist VAHI in its work to stimulate, inform and monitor improvements in the safety and quality of clinical services.  

The Committee’s work is intended to ensure that there is a strategic approach to investment and meaningful use of data collected through patient-reported experience measures (PREMs), patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and clinical quality registries.

The advice the Committee provides is broad ranging, covering both strategic and operational aspects of PREMs, PROMS and clinical quality registry initiatives and programs. It encompasses approaches to optimise how VAHI's stakeholders can more effectively use information from these programs to drive improvements in safety and quality of care from a patient-centred perspective.

The Committee is chaired by VAHI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Lance Emerson. Membership includes consumers, health service executives, academic data custodians, and key safety and quality managers.  

Consumer representative Belinda MacLeod-Smith notes, ‘My consumer colleague Jacqui Gibson-Roos and I recognise the strong commitment VAHI has to including consumer perspectives at a governance level, and our participation in this committee means that VAHI is hearing unique, non-clinical views on the way PROMs and PREMs data is used.’

Page last updated: 07 Jun 2018

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