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Clinical quality registries systematically monitor the quality (appropriateness and effectiveness) of health care within specific clinical domains, by routinely collecting, analysing and reporting health-related information. The information is used to identify benchmarks and significant variance in outcomes, and inform improvements in healthcare quality.  

This feedback loop is important to drive improvements in healthcare quality safety and appropriateness of care.

VAHI was tasked with addressing recommendations in Targeting zero in relation to leveraging investments in clinical quality registries to support data analysis and expanded reporting on clinician and patient outcomes.

Last year, VAHI engaged an independent consultant to advise on the development of a strategy for future investment in clinical registries. The consultation found that:

  • existing contractual arrangements do not allow for existing investments by the Victorian Government to be maximised
  • there is overlap with registry coverage in some areas
  • there are gaps in investment in other areas (e.g. dementia, chronic disease (diabetes) and obstructive airway disease).

The impact and potential of registries funded by the Victorian Government was measured during the consultation. A number of registries were identified as having potential to become state wide collections to support the production, sharing and use of better information to support better, safer care.  

VAHI is working closely with data custodians to fully realise the potential of the registries we fund. We are working with the Commonwealth Department of Health and the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care to ensure alignment of our activities with the national agenda.

The Victorian Government funds registries in the domains of cancer, cardiac, stroke, trauma, rehabilitation, pain management, and intensive care. If you would like more information on the registries we fund or on clinical quality registries, please visit the clinical registries webpage or contact

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