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VAHI and the Department of Health and Human Services (the Department) have been working together to support Victorian public health services through the VHIMS statewide tender process. Our goal is to assist Victorian public health services in implementing their preferred incident and feedback reporting and management systems.

There are four options available for Victorian public health services:

  • Option 1: Join the 39 mostly small Victorian public and community health services currently using the new VHIMS CS. Read more
  • Option 2: Use the statewide tender panel to select a preferred supplier to implement a modified version of the VHIMS CS, the VHIMS Local Solution (LS) and transmit the VHIMS MDS via the Applied Programming Interface (API). Read more
  • Option 3: Continue to use their current supplier after modifications to ensure compatibility with the VHIMS MDS and transmit the VHIMS MDS via the API.
  • Option 4: Negotiate with a new supplier for the introduction of a bespoke or off the shelf platform and transmit the VHIMS MDS via the API.

Please note the statewide tender only covered options 1 and 2. 

Victorian public health services which wish to implement Options 3 and 4 will be responsible for their own arrangements.

All Victorian public health services should now consider the available information and take steps to implement their preferred option which needs to be in place by 1 July 2021 to enable transmission of the new VHIMS MDS.

For more information on the statewide tender, please email

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