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We have established two learning networks to support our state's response to the pandemic. 

These are focused on:

  1. the continued uptake of vaccines
  2. the provision of care to people with COVID-19 in their homes

In addition, the Clinical Conversations webinar series provides a platform for people to explore speciality areas of healthcare by sharing and discussing key learnings from lived experience in the sector.

What is a learning network?

Learning networks bring together clinicians, consumers and improvement specialists to improve patient outcomes.  

Decisions are accelerated through provision of data, evidence and experience supported by rapid improvement with further insights drawn to support scaling of good ideas and improvements to have a direct impact on care. 

How learning networks work

A learning network is put in place to do five things: 

  1. create a rich data stream
  2. analyse and test insights
  3. make decisions
  4. rapidly implement those decisions
  5. close the loop by checking reliability and effectiveness of that implementation. 

How learning networks work

Data and evidence

Drawn from local experience, internally sourced data both from routine data collection and more bespoke qualitative insights, alongside external insights from research and other clinical communities. May include metrics, interviews, performance metrics, literature and national/international networks. 


Engagement of key organisations and peak bodies to provide insights, expertise and experience.

Clinical and consumer engagement

To include specialist skills such as community and consumer perspectives, behavioural insights, along with clinicians who can contribute via expertise and representation in the focus area.

Decision-making group

Representative group of all impacted stakeholders; health services, Department of Health and SCV. Group synergises all aspects of the input groups.


May include clinical guidance, webinars, supported collaboration and improvement interventions. To be tested based on insights provided and agreed by decision-making group. Rapid implementation reinforces system with the need for tangible change and system wide impact.

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Page last updated: 01 Sep 2022

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