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The VAHI portal is an interactive data website that provides the health sector and wider community with quality and safety performance data on Victoria’s health services.

The portal has two components – a public component where data is accessible to everyone, and an authenticated component where data is delivered to health services for people with authorised access.

Public component

The public component of the portal allows the Victorian community to explore quality and safety performance data for Victoria’s public health services and hospitals. Victorian Health Services Performance and emergency department wait time data are currently to Victorians via the portal.

Authenticated component

The authenticated component of the portal provides health services with tailored access to detailed and interactive quality and safety performance data about their own health service and how it compares to statewide benchmarks. Authenticated users can also explore trends, drill down into disaggregated data at the patient level and download PDFs of selected routine health service reports.

Accessing the portal

Publicly available data is accessible here.

Authenticated access to the portal requires login from the portal homepage here.

For more information about the portal or to request authenticated access, please contact

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VAHI portal onboarding
Victorian Agency for Health Information

Page last updated: 11 Dec 2020

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