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    VAHI has developed education and training resource materials to support health services in reporting through the VHIMS Central system. We will continue to update and add to these resources. If you have any suggestions for further resources that you would find helpful, please email

    What is VHIMS Central?

    VHIMS Central is an incident reporting system developed inhouse by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). We are grateful to the 150 VHIMS ‘critical friends’ and health service representatives who helped inform the development. The system captures clinical, occupational health and safety, and hazard incident data, as well as the recording of compliment and complaint feedback. Benefits of the system include a reduction in reporting time of approximately 75% from previous systems, the ability to enter multi-person incidents, being accessible on mobile phones and tablets, and removing manual reporting requirements.

    VHIMS Central incident training

    This slide pack contains everything you need to know in relation to the reporting and management of an incident. Information is also included for new users and the account activation process for their VHIMS Central user account.

    VHIMS Central feedback training

    This slide pack contains everything you need to know in relation to the recording and management of feedback in the VHIMS Central system.

    VHIMS Central – IT security

    This document has been developed to support your internal health service IT function to ensure the smooth operation and deployment of the VHIMS Central System.

    VHIMS Central user maintenance form

    This document has been developed to support requests to create, modify or remove VHIMS Central users via the VHIMS Central Helpdesk.

    VHIMS Central training video - reporter role

    This video steps through key VHIMS Central system functions, and how to lodge and manage an incident through the system role of ‘reporter’

    VHIMS Central system roles and permissions

    This slide pack contains information to support services to select the most appropriate VHIMS Central system role for users. It provides an overview of what system permissions are associated with each VHIMS Central system role, and the level of visibility across incidents they provide.

    VHIMS Central system management

    This slide pack contains information to support services who are self-managing their VHIMS Central system. It steps through each of the administration module tabs to support the management of sites users, teams, notification rules and organisational set up.

    Additional support

    Support for your VHIMS Central system is always available via your internal VHIMS Central delegates or the Central Helpdesk. 

    • Internal VHIMS Central delegates – these are staff members within your organisation who have been trained by VAHI to support your VHIMS Central reporting. A list of these contacts in your organisation can be found by contacting the Central Helpdesk.
    • Central Helpdesk – to add a new user or report a system issue contact the Central Helpdesk by phone or email.

    1800 848 900

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