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We are very pleased to announce that the new Victorian Health Incident Management System Central (VHIMS Central) went live on Monday 27 August.

Four pilot sites from across Victoria are now using the new system. They are: Access Health and Community, and three bush nursing centres, Lockington, Dingee and Woomelang. These four sites are the first health services in Victoria to move to the new VHIMS Central.

VHIMS Central provides a number of important benefits, including:

  • a 75% reduction in time taken to enter incidents
  • a new and modern platform that is much easier to use
  • access across multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

In the four weeks prior to launch, staff at the pilot sites were trained by VAHI staff. This included access to a training version of the system so they could trial the process for logging incidents. The feedback on the new system was overwhelmingly positive.


The VHIMS Central implementation team has travelled far and wide to provide face-to-face training with key staff at each of the four pilot sites. During August the team visited Access Health and Community in Richmond, Hawthorn, Box Hill, Ashburton and Doncaster East, as well as visiting Lockington Bush Nursing Centre, Dingee Bush Nursing Centre and Woomelang Bush Nursing Centre.

VAHI would like to say a huge thank you to our main contacts at each of the pilot sites. These people have shown great commitment to support implementation of the new system at their sites.

We would like to acknowledge:

  • Karyn McKinnon and Kristen Nolan from Access Health and Community
  • Kim McDonald from Lockington Bush Nursing Centre
  • Claire McGregor from Dingee Bush Nursing Centre
  • Carol Paech from Woomelang Bush Nursing Centre

We will continue to support the pilot sites as they embed the new system. An evaluation of the pilot will be undertaken to inform and assist in planning for the next wave of implementation. Keep an eye out for more updates in future editions of VAHI news.

Page last updated: 07 Sep 2018

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