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Why asking ‘what matters’ is the keystone of an age-friendly health system

Published 07/06/2022

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Video transcript

In the lead up to ‘What Matters to You?’ day on Thursday 9 June, we asked clinicians and consumers why asking ‘what matters’ is so important when caring for older people.

Asking ‘what matters’ is the keystone of an age-friendly health system, and is central to the 4Ms framework, which also includes medication, mind and mobility. A conversation about ‘what matters’ gives older people opportunities to discuss how they want to manage their health and care preferences. It’s a person-centred approach which benefits the older person, their family and carers.

The 4Ms framework is central to our Creating Age-Friendly Health Systems in Victoria initiative, which has been underway for the last 12 months, where 11 health services teams have been co-designing, testing and refining the US-based 4Ms framework. Phase 2 of the work is underway and 18 health services are partnering with SCV to spread and scale the framework.

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