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Complete - 2020


In Victoria a rapid response call occurs every 15.9 minutes.

Increasing demand on rapid response services results in stretched resources and inconsistent system responsiveness.

We will reduce repeat rapid response calls and associated impact on rapid response team resources, by producing a resource package to help services:

  • standardise governance structures
  • improve clinical engagement
  • reduce variation in Victorian recognition and response systems.


Improve your recognition and response system

We have developed governance and clinical engagement frameworks, self-assessments to help your health services identify areas within your recognition and response system that are working well, and areas that may need improvement.

Once you have identified and area for improvement use our change package to help you successfully improve your recognition and response system.

Download these resources

Seven health services have tested these resources, and all saw improvement n their recognition and response systems.

Other outcomes included:

  • Increased capability of frontline clinicians to lead a quality improvement project.
  • Health services have a more in-depth understanding of their recognition and response system.
  • Increased collaboration with staff outside of their usual work area.


Improved care and experience for patients who clinically deteriorate in Victorian hospitals.


Develop resources to support fewer rapid response calls.

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