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A Medicines improvement program will test an analgesic stewardship program in six partner health services to ensure appropriate use and review of opioids and other pain medicines.
Austin Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre are trialling a program that identifies and assesses patients reporting an antibiotic allergy
Four health services led the development of a clinical governance model to improve patient safety and quality of care and increase access to pharmacy services in southwest Victoria
As a Choosing Wisely champion health service, Austin Health took a multifaceted approach to reduce unnecessary testing, improving patient care and hospital efficiency
We partnered with 11 health services to identify low value care practices and implement strategies to reduce them
We tested an evidence-based bundle of care to promote best practice on inserting and maintaining peripheral intravenous cannulas
We partnered with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada to deliver series of Medication safety educational webinars
Eastern Health sought to improve the efficiency of its hospitals and reduce inconvenience, discomfort and potential harm to patients from unecessary tests
Find out how we're working with 20 sites to reduce medication errors and length of stay
Melbourne Health implemented an evidence-based sepsis clinical pathway to ensure all patients receive the highest quality of care every single time
This collaboration brought teams from 11 health services together to improve patient outcomes through earlier identification and management of sepsis