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    This is a comprehensive report of how Safer Care Victoria has worked to improve the quality and safety of Victorian healthcare in 2018–19.

    We give an honest account of our performance, achievements and challenges for those we work closest with – consumers, clinicians, health services and government.

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    The report shows:

    • Our improvement projects are having an impact. In the past year we ran and supported more than 50 improvement projects. Key results included:
      • 33% fewer people died from sepsis*
      • 12% less severe perineal tears in women during childbirth*
    • We are supporting new and successful ways to improve patient outcomes, particularly in regional Victoria. Half of the $10 million Better Care Victoria innovation fund went to regional Victoria. We are now scaling seven successful projects, first discovered through the innovation fund.
    • We are leading the country in consumer participation. Our new Partnering in health framework and associated projects are encouraging more consumers to take up supported roles in health services and government.
    • The response to serious events and deaths is stronger than ever. While the number of sentinel events notified is stable, we know that more independent people and consumers are involved in reviews, and recommendations are more robust. We’ve also set up two new independent bodies to review perioperative deaths and injuries.

    This report fulfils our responsibilities under the Minister for Health’s statement of expectations. Please note: our financial accounts are published as part of the Department of Health and Human Services’ annual report.

    *at participating services


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