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    This is a comprehensive report of how Safer Care Victoria has worked to improve the quality and safety of Victorian healthcare in 2021–22. 

    We give an honest account of our performance, achievements and challenges for those we work closest with – consumers, clinicians, health services and government. 

    The report shows: 

    • we continued to monitor patient safety risks, overseeing health service reviews of 168 sentinel events, and made 1,041 recommendations for improvement were developed from the review of sentinel events 
    • we continued to support the Victorian Government's COVID-19 response by setting up a learning network to share knowledge and resources between Victorian health services staff, including more than 20 webinars attended by around 750 participants from 90 organisations 
    • commenced implementation of the 100,000 lives program to reduce harm in hospitals, ensure patients are cared for quickly in the right place, and reduce hospital admissions 
    • established the Mental Health Improvement Program as recommended by the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System 
    • delivered multiple workshops and learning sessions for 21 teams to help improve engagement with our healthcare worker wellbeing centre 
    • we held our biannual healthcare safety and quality conference, GIANT STEPS, which had 800 in-person and nearly 400 online attendees. 

    This report fulfils our reposting responsibilities under the Minister for Health’s state of expectations.


    Page last updated: 20 Oct 2022

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