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    Our Anaphylaxis Clinical Care Standard applies to how you manage anaphylaxis in adults presenting to your emergency department, or who are experiencing anaphylaxis as an inpatient or outpatient in the health service.

    It will help you better recognise, respond to and manage patients with anaphylaxis, and aims to bring a consistent approach to patient management across the state.

    Download the standard

    Download the patient fact sheet

    Management cards

    The standard comes with management cards to be placed on resuscitation trolleys and in treatment areas.

    This standard should be used in conjunction with online education and on site training.

    Guidance for managing children with anaphylaxis

    SCV endorses the Royal Children's Hospital clinical guideline for managing anaphylaxis in children.

    View the guideline

    Related guidance

    Use of a patient’s own adrenaline (epinephrine) autoinjector in hospital

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    Version history

    First published: November 2022
    Due for review: November 2025

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