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    Partnering with consumers is an important strategy to improve patient care, as they have first-hand experience with your health service.

    Consumer involvement also helps you:

    • meet national standards and accreditation requirements around partnering with consumers
    • align with Victoria’s Partnering in healthcare framework.

    Partnering in healthcare framework

    Our Partnering in healthcare framework will help you improve healthcare and outcomes for Victorians by better involving consumers and their families.

    It will give you strategies to respond to the needs and expectations of consumers.

    Building your community advisory committee

    Community advisory committees are a formal way for you to partner with consumers.

    Building your healthy community: A guide for health service community advisory committees  provides practical advice on how to:

    • review the way your committee is currently operating 
    • improve how you formally seek community input to key services, initiatives and decisions.

    Finding a consumer representative 

    To find and recruit consumers, you can register your interest with the Health Issues Centre to connect with a consumer representative.

    Supporting consumers 

    Read our tips on how to plan, prepare and appoint a consumer representative

    Keep in mind that consumer representatives are often the only non-clinical or non-organisational member of committees. 

    This can be a bit isolating, so we recommend connecting them with other consumers who are working with your service.

    Involving a consumer in your adverse event reviews?

    Read our guide.

    Paying consumers for their time

    Read our Guide to remunerating consumer representatives

    Supporting your staff to work with consumers

    View Health Issues Centre training for health staff.

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